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The King William District just off of downtown San Antonio is one of the most historic and haunted areas of San Antonio.  The land Beauregard sits on was the location of the original irrigation canals that fed the Alamo complex.  Native American encampments were all over this area until German settlers purchased it in the 1840's just after the struggle for Texas independence.  The area had such a German influence, it became known as "Sauerkraut Bend".  In 1906, Beauregard Manor was built.  The original history of the house is sketchy at best, but in 1916, a prominent family by the name of Huntress moved in.  George Huntress was a San Antonio city attorney, and he lived there with his wife Emma, their older daughter Lorene, and her husband Rowland Wilkins.  A trail of tragedy would strike the Huntress family starting in January of 1926 when Lorene died in the home while giving birth to her daughter, also named Lorene.  In 1933, when little Lorene was seven, her father Rowland died while on military assignment.   The very next year on November 4th, 1934, little Lorene slipped into a diabetic coma and died at the Nix hospital just up the road.  George and his wife Emma were the only two left.  A few years past, and George found himself in the middle of a legal scandal.  He hosted a card game in the home on the evening of November 3rd, 1937.  Emma was at church that night.  When the guests left after the game, George walked upstairs, took a .38 pistol, placed it in his mouth, and shot himself through the head.  Emma found him later that night when she got home from church.  Now Emma was alone, and lived in the house alone until she moved to a retirement home and passed away in 1958 at 83 years of age.  There have been a few owners of the home after the Huntresses, and the house was most recently a bed and breakfast known as the Gardenia Inn.   Over the years, it was reported that people were having paranormal experiences there and no one knew why.  It just took a little digging into city and county records to find out the dark history of the house, and the Klinge Brothers along with their researcher Michelle Damadeo uncovered the sordid history, and it is turning out to be a hotbed of paranormal activity.

Booking the Manor

Objects shake and move on their own, apparitions appear throughout, the voices of a man and child have been heard audibly as well as recorded, footsteps are heard at all hours, and a few guests have left in the middle of the night.  This is a six bedroom, five bathroom turn of the century mansion with luxurious amenities including sitting areas, a full kitchen, living room, and dining room.  The home comfortably accommodates 12 guests.  Sleep in a haunted mansion if you dare.  Maybe you will meet the Huntress family in person.  To inquire about this ultimate and exclusive experience with Lone Star Haunted Tours, click below to contact us about the availability of Beauregard Manor.  We will respond to you within one business day to complete your reservation.  Payment is due at the time of booking.

  • Mon - Thursday:  $500 per single night, and $400 per night for each subsequent night.
  • Fri - Sat: $600 per single night, and $400 per night for each subsequent night.
  • Prices and availability are subject to change

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 Full payment is due at time of booking.  Reservations are final upon confirmation of payment.  Prices subject to change.

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