Klinge Bros "Skully" T-Shirt

You don't mess with Texas, and you don't mess with the Klinge Brothers.  Get into the Texas attitude with their "Skully" t-shirt featuring their mascot, the Outlaw Skully.  He is on the full back, and the KB branding iron insignia on the front left breast.  Shirts come in sizes Medium - 2XL and are 100% cotton.  All shirts black with silver lettering and images just as seen above.  $25 includes shipping and only US orders will be accepted.  Orders will begin shipping August 20th, 2019, based on all orders received by that time and will be subject to supply after that.  Get your order in TODAY!

All sales final.  No refunds.  No exchanges.


Klinge Bros Branded Trucker Hat

With inspiration taken from the vast cattle ranches of Texas, the Klinge Brothers have designed a brand logo worthy of any steer hide in the state.  These are one-size fits all trucker hats with the snap back.  They come in both girl and guy two-toned colors (we don't judge..wear what you want!)  Four to choose from.  KB is thick stitch embroidered.  By the way, KB stands for Klinge Brothers in case you haven't figured it out.  But don't worry...I said we don't judge.   Price includes taxes and shipping.  US orders only.

All sales final.  No refunds.  No exchanges.

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