Part high-adventure tale, part autobiography, this page-turner recounts  the eerie experiences that convinced brothers Brad and Barry Klinge,  founders of Everyday Paranormal and stars of the TV series Ghost Lab on  Discovery Channel, that ghosts really do walk among us Brad and Barry  Klinge have been investigating paranormal occurrences for the last  twenty years, and in Chasing Ghosts, Texas Style, they divulge some of  their most exciting ghost encounters and analyze the science behind  their paranormal hunts. Each chapter of this fascinating book focuses on  the Klinge brothers’ investigations into the creepiest of places, and  explains how they have been able to capture both audio and video of  paranormal occurrences using their high tech tools, and a healthy dose  of common sense. Even when faced with mysterious slamming doors and  haunting pleas for help, these brothers never shy away from a  bone-chilling encounter or another chance to investigate a centuries-old  haunting. Whether they are simply looking for a frightening ghost story  or are more interested in the science behind ghost hunting, readers  will not be able to put this gripping book down. In fact, they may even  be inspired to take up ghosthunting themselves. 

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