Strange Curiosity

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 "Strange Curiosity" is the culmination of our interest for paranormal  subjects coupled with a experienced eye for production quality and  cinematic storytelling.  It is the canvas for us to paint the picture we  see deep in our minds for not only the entertainment of the viewer, but  to bring them into the story with us.  Our story is a bit opposite of  the norm.  We started at the top--thrust right onto the worldwide scene  with our show "Ghost Lab" on the Discovery Channel that ran for two  seasons and 26-1 Hour Episodes in over 80 countries.  Cancellation of  the show did not cancel our desire to continue.  In fact, it fueled it.   Every minute of filming for a network television show taught us how to  do it.  We were sponges to the process.  It inevitably gave us the power  to create our own brand--one in which we did not have to bow to the  network gods.  So now we are grass roots.  A band of friends taking  their own time and money to film what many people call one of the best  shows in its genre.  But our passion to do this is not fueled by only  our desire.  It is perpetuated through the energy and support of our  fans we made with Ghost Lab who have continued to be with us in our  independent adventures with "Strange Curiosity".  The journey from  videotaping our investigations as the team Everyday Paranormal to the  Discovery Channel to producing our own independent  films has been a wild one, and we would like the thank our many loyal  fans and supporters from around the world who have come along for the  ride with us.  In order to continue bringing the world new content, we  are asking for small donations/subscriptions via this Patreon platform.   As you know, these projects take lots of time and money, and we of all  people know money is tight no matter who you are.  But with a minimum  two-dollar per month subscription from our fans, not only could we  continue, we could become better and better.  In return for our fans  generosity, we will not only offer you the exclusive platform for  Strange Curiosity going forward, but the longer you stay patrons, the  more we will offer never-before-seen paranormal evidence, behind the  scene footage, classroom experiences, virtual reality tours, discounts  on merchandise AND MORE!  That is why we have chosen Patreon, and we  hope to see you all here very soon.  This is where the party starts.  Go to now and sign up for just $2 per month.

Brad and Barry Klinge
The Klinge Brothers 

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